Sunday, 24 June 2012

OK don't you hate it when you make your self look  funny i know i do .
if you want see me go to youtube and write in


i will come up most of my video r cool click on Lauren goes crazy wait until the end and it will get well funny.

i love this picture it is the best of me i wish all my picture were as good as that.

right sometimes you grown ups always work to hard with everything please take a little time off .
it will help trust me.
and just because i am young dos not mean a thing i am older then look but in this picture how old do i look i think 12 it was taken when i was 11 and i am nearly 12.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Hello Ok school or work that you do how do you feel sometimes I just want to scream at the teachers or stand up to them just to say what you think. I did this piece or work in maths the helping helper told me to do something and I said no you do this and then she no u do what I said... I was just like no that's wrong???????? Well any way the teacher said that I did it wrong so that means my way was right. And the helper was wrong... In a job you need to like it stuff you like I like drawing and I am great with animals once my dog George had something in his foot , I got it out no else could they were going to take him the vets .. Right most people want money ... Why? What do they need it for ? I know you all are like bills children . Well what if you had loads lefted you whould going and spend it on ..... Rubbish Or an iPad or something. Yes I would get something cool to but you will loads! why not give some to charity? Wait I no your want to turn this off but don't most charities are cons so fly out on a plan or what ever you got .. So get them it don't give it to charities fly out or make your own charity. Why not? Think of the charity!