Sunday, 29 July 2012

what you going to do

I know I am not the best person to write blogs but I have one so please just if you have some free time listen . If you are still living we parents listen and others did it use to be like this for you. Parents one minute you don't want to talk to them the next that's the only people you want to talk to . Like my dad he took my iPad off me so mum does not come and take it off of me and hides it gives it back when he goes down stair tells me I can have it . I look everywhere for it and go in to my bed room and it's under my pillow Well I got to go

Things I love

Hello It's me Ella ! I want to write this blog about 2 things I love 1 I am the biggest fan in the where ever for .... Buffy the vampire slayer I went to the boot fair and got 1 to 7 but there are like two of the two but different ones. I love it When I first watch it I was so scared but after a while I wanted more I have almost seen all the eposieds . I am watching it as I type . I like Sarah Michelle gellar better then the one in the movie she rubbish . Well compared to Sarah I am Sarahs biggest fan I love it and rigger of course and all the other things she has been in But some things I not aloud to watch . Where her little girl charlotte was a baby she was well cute I saw it online. She lives in newyork newcity 2 house of Anubis I love it I made a club about it I am Amber It got my boy friend and me together because he started to play I asked him it became mine and his club xxx Ok got to go right to you next time

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ok does any like work hardly no one when I can get a job I want it to be what , I want to do. On tv you hear all these people saying how much they hate there job well go back to collage at night or when ever your not working but if you have a family make sure you spend time with them , even if it's your mum and dad . If young and you know what that means so under 18 don't try and be something your not just make someone like you because I did a long time a go I tried being nice , nasty , boring , silly nothing worked but they use to like me for me and I talk to them now we are friends but not friend if you know what I mean . This is for every one ! Do not try and change even if it's for someone you really like or a job. Be your self it mite be better then you think