Sunday, 29 July 2012

Things I love

Hello It's me Ella ! I want to write this blog about 2 things I love 1 I am the biggest fan in the where ever for .... Buffy the vampire slayer I went to the boot fair and got 1 to 7 but there are like two of the two but different ones. I love it When I first watch it I was so scared but after a while I wanted more I have almost seen all the eposieds . I am watching it as I type . I like Sarah Michelle gellar better then the one in the movie she rubbish . Well compared to Sarah I am Sarahs biggest fan I love it and rigger of course and all the other things she has been in But some things I not aloud to watch . Where her little girl charlotte was a baby she was well cute I saw it online. She lives in newyork newcity 2 house of Anubis I love it I made a club about it I am Amber It got my boy friend and me together because he started to play I asked him it became mine and his club xxx Ok got to go right to you next time

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