Sunday, 2 December 2012

Friends do have arguments part 1

Hi my name is Ella and I'm going to write a blog but as a diary entre about me also if the spelling is a little bit wrong sorry 
 Dear diary,  I had my friend sleep round Ebonie but she had a argument with my other friend Esther and Alisha all I heard was Eb's getting shouted or talk to nasty so I told them to stop it but then it back fired on to me I... I fake it and text them on my iPad on the app viber I said I was my mum and this is what I wrote.👇
Right girls you and Ella never normally shout and have argument you just started being friends and Alisha all I hear is u having making these girl be nasty to each other ur a trouble maker.
But that didn't woke Ebonie became friends with them again and I know that for a fact because they are talk nicely like they use to then but after Ebonie went home I spoked to Esther and she called me and freak and a bitch and she keeps say stuff about me so I said "I'm a freak your so mess up you make other people feel bad about there self just because your family don't care about you" 

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